Willys OP (140mm) ( (NZ)

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Willys OP (140mm) (
Artillery observer
SD2 N3 Unit 060.png
Jeep op can sd2.png
General data
Deployment cost120
Weap 140mm battery sd2.png

1x BL 5,5-in 140mm x3 (140mm)

Rate of fire: 33 r/m

Penetration: 0 mm
Damage: 7
Suppression: 372
Blast: 6604

AmmunitionBattery: 120 shells
Mobility and detection
Speed48 km/h
Speed on roads95 km/h
OpticsVery high
Special abilities
This unit is as a Forward Artillery Observer, commanding off-map fire missions.It can call-in powerful strikes in its vicinity, delayed by the mission's parameters. ARTILLERY OBSERVER
This unit has a radio, making it possible for it to use corrected shot. RADIO
This unit is specialised in reconnaissance: it can spot an enemy unit from further away than regular troops, and identify it quicker.Recon troops don't affect the frontline, nor are they affected by morale penalties in enemy territory. RECON

Willys OP (140mm) ( is a New Zealand Artillery unit in Steel Division II Nemesis DLC, Battle of Rimini.

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

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