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The Scottish Corridor is a mission in the singleplayer mode of Steel Division.


Sir Colin,

It is time for the 11th Armoured Division to take the lead, in preparation for the final assault on Hill 112. The Germans won't allow this to happen, and will strike at the 11th while it is vulnerable, en route to its concentration area.

Your mission is to keep the « Scottish Corridor » open: secure the road, and protect the 11th Armoured's convoys. They must get through at all costs.

The Germans have been concentrating armoured troops on both sides of the corridor, so expect them to try to take you in a pincer movement.


We have our bridgehead across the Odon, already dubbed the “Scottish Corridor” by the rest of the Army, it being so thin. But the Germans haven’t failed to recognise the threat, and are concentrating all of their armoured divisions against us. They know they have to reduce our salient before we insert more troops, or lose Hill 112 before too long.

11th Armoured Division will be taking the lead for the final push towards Hill 112. Our mission is to keep the road open for them. The Germans have been massing troops on both sides of the «Scottish Corridor». They are expected to strike at any time now.

In the East, Kampfgruppe Frey, from 1. SS & 21. Panzer Division. In the West, Kampfgruppe Weidinger, from 2. SS & 2. Panzer Division. Our orders are to keep them at bay and make sure enough of the 11th Armoured get through to be able to launch the final offensive against Hill 112.


  • The goal is to first conduct 30 units from the 11th to the exit marker. Then additional units that pass through will be added to your roster in the next mission.
  • You face two adversaries: Kampfgruppe Weidinger to the lower left and Kampfgruppe Frey and SS-StuF-Abteilung 2 in the upper right. Between runs your corridor.
  • The former group will principally attack with armored units and anti-tank platforms, necessitating dug-in anti-armor positions to the lower left. Frey and the StuGs will come with massed infantry attacks and assault guns.
  • Most importantly, both groups will attempt to take the base and the end of the corridor in the last five to ten minutes of the mission. Be prepared to repuls a thrust by four Panzer IV H tanks at the base.

Available forces[]

Activation Points Battlegroup slots
Recon Inf Tank Sup AT AA Art Air
25 3 8 5 4 5 0 5 0
A Phase
B Phase