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The Last Battle is a scenario in Steel Division II, set at Ilomantsi, August 13th, 1944.


The Leningrad Front’s main attempt at invading Finland’s heartland having been foiled in front of Ihantala, Stavka places all its hopes for a quick victory in one final offensive.

Aimed at the Ilomantsi sector - remote and loosely defended - the attack initially makes good progress until the Finnish general Raappana takes command of all troops in the area. He brings with him fresh reinforcements from Karelia.

In a masterful display of Finnish Motti encirclement tactics, Raappana counter-attacks and isolates two Soviet divisions in several pockets. From hunters, the Red Army has become prey. In a desperate bid to save what they can, Stavka sends elite naval infantry to try to break the Finnish trap...


SD2 TLB.png

This is a fun scenario, where the Finns are seemingly in a bad position due to the ability of the Soviet players to deploy on both sides of the map. However, this isn't as great as it sounds, as it also means the Soviet forces are divided and can't bring their full might to bear on any single point. Soviets begin with control of Kuolisimaa, while the Finns control the Farms and Yakunvara.

The biggest challenge for the Soviet player is to root out the Finnish infantry, which gets the advantage of terrain and numbers, and will readily deploy. It has also plenty of access points to the Soviet rear, permitting cutting off of reinforcements and harassing Kuolisimaa with relative ease.

Available forces[]


1046-y Strelkovy Polk
3-ya Brig. Morsk. Pekhoty


URR [Uusimaa Dragoon Regiment]
Os. Ekman [Battlegroup Ekman]