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This template transcludes a section of another page and displays it in the current one.


{{transcludesection|article=name of article|section=name of section}}


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Name of page which contains the sections you would like to transclude.

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Name of section in the source page which should be transcluded. You need to mark the section in the source article by inserting:

  • <section begin="name goes here" /> at its beginning and
  • <section end="name goes here" /> at its end

Then you need to set this template's section parameter to name goes here (in this example).

If you mark multiple sections in this fashion with the same name, all of them will be transcluded when using this template. This way you can transclude discontinuous sections.

OptionalIcon optional.png

Various options for the template output.

Available options:

  • except: Inverts the transclusion, i.e. instead of transcluding the marked section(s) of the source article, the whole source article except the marked section(s) is transcluded.
  • nointro: Removes transclusion intro ("Main article: ...").


  • Extensions used: Labeled Section Transclusion, VariablesExtension
  • This template defines a variable which can be accessed from transcluded content: transcludedFrom (the origin page). In addition, the variable transcludeType is interpreted and can be set by other templates.
Documentation transcluded from Template:Transcludesection/doc.