Steel Division Wiki

Steel Division has several game modes available, for both single and multiplayer.

Multiplayer modes[]


  • In Conquest, you earn Victory Points by controlling more ground than your opponent. When your team earns more points, you start scoring Conquest points. The first team to reach the score limit, or to be in the lead at the end of the time limit, wins. The amount of deployment points earned every 4sec is fixed and not related to the zones.
    • A team gets +1 victory point per second for controlling 51% of the map, +2 for 58%, +3 for 65%, +4 for 75%, +5 for 85% and +6 for 95%. Depending on the amount of points achieved, you can win a minor or major victory. If you reached the score limit before the time limit, you will achieve a total victory.

Close Combat[]

  • Close combat is a slightly changed version of Conquest, the goal is the same, but your deployment zone at the beginning of the match is much closer to the enemy, this makes it much easier to deploy units offside of streets and gives you a bit more variety on where to deploy your troops
    • the only rule changed is that you have to get 52% of the map to get +1, which makes the games often a bit closer as if both teams are on an equal level it can take a while till one side beginns to get points so th game is a bit more open in phase C as the points are lower.


  • In Destruction, you earn Victory Points by destroying more enemy units than your opponent. Each unit destroyed earns you as much points as its deployment cost. The first team to reach the score limit or the higher score at the end of the set time wins.
    • A team gets additional income for controlling more than half of the map :
      • at 51% : +10 in phase A, +20 in phase B, +30 in phase C
      • at 58% : +20 in phase A, +40 in phase B, +60 in phase C
      • at 65% : +30 in phase A, +60 in phase B, +90 in phase C
      • at 75% : +40 in phase A, +80 in phase B, +120 in phase C


  • Breakthrough is an asymmetrical game mode in Steel Division. In this mode, one party is attacking and the other one is defending. The goal of the attacking side is to capture and hold a point on the map for 5 minutes, the defending side either has destroyed 3000 points of units for each attacker (for example 6000 if there are 2 attackers) or the time is over.
  • The income for each phase is given at the beginning of the base, not each minute
    • Income for attackers is 2000/1500/1000
    • Income for defenders is 1500/1000/1300
  • You just have 3 divisions on each side for each faction. Defenders are always infantry divisions and attackers tank divisions
  • There are just 4 maps for 1v1 Breakthrough and 2 for 2v2 (all playable with either allies or axis attacking) Stand Nov. 17
  • You have to create special decks for your divisions in Breakthrough, those give you more strong units from phase A onward than the normal division decks would.

Singleplayer modes[]


  • The game has a single main campaign mode, the Army General, which focuses on Operation Bagration. It features four distinct stages:
    • Orsha - June 23rd to June 26th
    • Berezina - June 26th to July 3rd
    • Bobruisk - June 27th to July 2nd
    • Baranovitchi - July 3rd to July 9th

Skirmishes and scenarios[]

  • All Multiplayer modes can be played as skirmishes or scenarios against AI opponents, allowing for practicing your skills in combat.

Historical missions[]

Historical missions make a return, this time with the default release! They are played with pre-made Divisions, that are mostly not part of the base game.

The goal in each of them is to hold certain territories. In some of them one side holds all objectives at the start and has to hold them till the end, in others both sides start with objectives and have to take away the opponents territory, while holding their own.

The Missions are playable with both sides.

Income, Position and composition of Forces varies strongly between missions and is a lot different from the base game in most of them.


  • Games can be customized in several ways, including:
  • The number of players, from 1v1 up to 10v10 (the latter being usually the most forgiving).
  • The rate of the Requisition Point income in-game, once the game is launched. Default setting is MEDIUM:
    • VERY LOW means Requisition Point rate is x0.5 the default one.
    • LOW is x0.75 the default one.
    • HIGH is x1.25 the default one.
    • VERY HIGH is x1.5 the default one.
  • Starting resources, from 250 to 1500 points. Higher settings usually lead to much more intense fighting.
  • Choose the AI difficulty