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Steel Division 2 has a sizable offer for fans of single player modes.

Army General

  • Steel Division 2’s new turn-based Dynamic Strategic Campaign mode! In the new Army General mode, you will be able to play through a dynamic campaign that faithfully represents, on a 1:1 scale, some of the most important Operation Bagration battles that took place on the Eastern Front in the summer of 1944. You will be able to pick either side, German or Soviet, and command dozens of authentic battalions and air squadrons. Each campaign covers a different sector of the front and runs for a select number of days.
  • Steel Division 2 ships with four different Army General campaigns:


Name Type Background Date
Stemming the Tide 2v1 June 26, 1944
Desperate Measures 2v2 July 1, 1944
Last Hope 2v2 July 4, 1944
Terminus Krupki 2v1 June 28, 1944
Cavalry Action 2v2 July 1, 1944
Autobahn zur Holle 3v3 June 23, 1944
Memento Mori 2v2 July 24, 1944
Escape from Brest 2v2 July 27, 1944
Fighting Retreat 2v2 July 30, 1944
River of Blood 3v3 August 2, 1944