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Sie kommen! is a mission in the singleplayer mode of Steel Division.


Oberst Rauch,

The long-awaited Allied invasion has begun, here, in Normandy. Field Marshal Rommel has no doubt that it is not a diversionary operation, but the Allies' main attack trying to establish a bridgehead.

As our division's most advanced battlegroup, your primary objective is to hold the enemy tide and prevent its assault units from linking up with the paratroopers dropped at our back during the night.

Your secondary objective, if feasible, is to provide support to the 736. Grenadier-Regiment's battalion besieged in Ouistreham, and prevent its destruction.


Mission takes place on the Colleville 4 vs 4 map.


The invasion has begun, Herr Major, Field Marshal Rommel is on the way back from Bavaria, and is already planning a counter-attack. In our sector, the invaders are British: 3rd Infantry Division at Lion-sur-Mer, commandos at Ouistreham. More troubling are the many reports of Anglo-Canadian paratroopers being dropped during the night, East of the Orne river.

They have taken control of the last bridges standing over it, at Bénouville, thus preventing any movement from our Reserve Panzer Divisions against the invasion's flank. Major von Luck’s Kampfgruppe is advancing to engage them with Oberst Oppeln's Panzers being expected to reinforce him later this afternoon. Our Kampfgruppe is in the most advanced position and closest to the landing zone.

We are the only ones at hand able to hold back the expansion of the enemy beachhead. British troops are moving inland with armoured support. They are trying to link up with and reinforce their paratroopers at Bénouville bridge. Our orders are to prevent that link-up at all costs. Failure to do so will doom any attempt at wiping out the paratroopers and recapturing the bridge.

A battlegroup from 736. Grenadier-Regiment is still holding in Ouistreham. They are besieged by Allied commandos supported by amphibious tanks. Deprived of leadership or supplies, they won’t hold much longer. If we could stretch our line and help them repel the assault, we would save a good number of men to bolster our ranks for future operations.

Available forces[]

Activation Points Battlegroup slots
Recon Inf Tank Sup AT AA Art Air
20 2 6 3 3 4 3 3 1
A Phase
B Phase
C Phase


Close off the road[]

  • You are expected to prevent more than 20 units coming from Sword Beach from breaking through towards Benouville Bridge and link up with British forces there. You will be the subject of brutal attacks from British units, including Churchills, Crocodiles, and swarms of enemy infantry. Making it through the scenario without casualties is difficult, if not impossible.
  • The most important thing to accomplish is to stop Allied tanks from making it to the end marker. Any unit that exits the map will appear in Pegasus Bridge - and if tanks make it, you are in for quite the ride when it comes to challenging their supremacy.

Support Ouistreham[]

  • You can preserve the units from the Ouistreham garrison by deploying additional forces there in the opening phase. This will grant you a major addition to your forces in subsequent scenarios. Ouisterham will primarily be subjected to numerous infantry attacks from hardened commando troops, with some minor armored support. Simply not losing the units there will grant you the reinforcements.