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Westland Lysander is a French Air unit added in Back to Hell.


Introduced in service in 1938, the Westland Aircraft Lysander was intended as an army co-operation and liaison aircraft. It represented an interwar concept of a multipurpose aircraft capable of acting as artillery spotters, recon planes, close air support, and so on and so forth. Only Poland implemented it in a larger capacity, as the concept soon proved obsolete. The Lysander - named after the ancient Greek navarch - was instead used for liaison duties and other special operations, owing to its reliability, range, and STOL capabilities. Free France was heavily aided by Lysanders traveling between the British Isles and the mainland, delivering supplies, information, and shuttling people for the French resistance.

A total of 1 786 Lysanders were produced, used in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and elsewhere, primarily by forces of the British Commonwealth. Outmatched by more modern designs, the Lysander was retired in 1946.


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