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Wasp Mk.IIc is a British Transport unit added in Back to Hell.


Wasp Mk.IIc is a Canadian version of the Wasp. Instead of the two internal tanks of the Wasp, the Wasp Mk.IIc has one external tank that allow sthe vehicle to serve as a Universal Carrier.

21st Army Group policy was that Wasp were used by the Infantry Carrier Platoons when their Headquarters request for them. These Vehicles were to be held in advanced ordnance depots. In the  First Canadian Army eight Wasp initial scale of issue was eight Wasp for each Infantry Division Reconnaissance Regiment, Motor Battalion and Infantry Battalion.


In combination with the flamethrower they transport they are a force to be reckoned with in close combat force. As an armored flamer unit, they are highly vulnerable to infantry AT weapons (especially the Panzerfaust). But, with proper infantry support, they can destroy entire units in mere seconds.

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