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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Vickers HMG (UK)

Vickers HMG is a British Infantry unit. Like all machine guns, it is effective at suppressing enemy infantry. The British HMG boasts the shortest range of all HMGs in the game compared to the German MG 42 or the American M1917 HMG, but makes up for this with its cost and availability.


An improved Maxim machine gun, the Vickers HMG was a reliable machine gun used by the British from the First World War up to the late twentieth century. It was an infantry machine gun, but Vickers variants also saw service on armoured vehicles and were used as anti-aircraft defence on ships.

A British Infantry Division had one Machine Gun Battalion while the Armored Division has a Machine Gun Company. 15th Infantry had 1st Battalion, Middlesex Regiment as their Machine Gun Battalion. Guards Armoured had 1st Independent Machine Gun Company from Royal Northumberland Fusiliers while the 7th Armoured had 3rd Independent Machine Gun Company.

In the Support Company of the Motor Battalion has two Machine Gun Platoons each with eight Universal Carriers to transport the four Vickers HMG.

On War Establishment the Airlanding Battalion would have two Anti-Aircraft Platoon using 20mm Hispano. These cannons never saw active service and was replaced by Vickers HMG. These eight Vickers HMG became a Machine Gun Platoon of eight Machine Guns and was reorganized into a Machine Gun Group of two Platoon of four Machine Guns each.


Machine guns are effective at pinning down enemy infantry and can also inflict damage on half tracks or jeeps. Like infantry, they should be stationed in bocage terrain or urban terrain.

The Vickers is limited by its 500m range, the shortest MG range in the game, but can be fielded in more numbers than other MGs.


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