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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:U304(f) FlaK

U304(f) FlaK is a German Anti-air unit.


Due to deficiencies in industrial capacity, Germany was forced to press captured enemy materiel and vehicles into service, from cars to tanks. The U304(f) was a Unic P107 half-track converted by Major Alfred Becker for German use. The conversion was compatible with a number of weapon systems and could be tailored for a variety of purposes. The FlaK variant mounted a 20mm FlaK 38 autocannon for use against soft land targets and aircraft.

In the 21. Panzer's Panzergrenadier Regiments, U304(f) FlaK replaced the SdKfz 251/17 in other regiments if properly organized and equipped. In theory a Panzergrendier company should have three U304(f) FlaK in the Flak Squad along with the three more serving as Platoon Commander's Vehicle


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