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Tetrarch Little John is a British Tank unit. It is a Tetrach light tank equipped with a modified 2-pdr. The 2-pdr outfitted with the Little John adaptor gave the 2-pdr incredibly enhanced penetration performance against enemy armour, exceeding that of the 6-pdr.

The mobile and light Tetrach Little John fits in the airborne division, though its gun is surprisingly powerful (successfully getting a hit off can be something of a challenge, unfortunately).


The light tank is exclusive to the British 6th Airborne division and is simply a Tetrach tank fitted with a Littlejohn adaptor, to which it owes its name. It is the only light tank sporting such a powerful gun. The Littlejohn adaptor sharply upgrades the penetrating power of the 2-pdr to an impressive 13 AP. As a downside, its firing range is only limited to 800m. While the Littlejohn adaptor extended the service life of the 2-pdr, which had become obsolete by the time of the Normandy campaign, it was mostly fitted on British armoured cars.


The Tetrach Little John is fielded in phase A, where anti-tank threats are less prevalent. Unfortunately, the Tetrach is a light tank, no better protected than an armoured car, and will promptly explode if there's a hint of an enemy anti-tank unit. Its potential is also limited by the fact that it can only shoot 800m far. Despite this, the Tetrach Little John is a powerful asset to the 6th Airborne division and is indeed one of the few units able to frontally tackle the German Beute Firefly in phase A (the 6th division can also field a captured PaK 40 75mm).

Its armour does not allow any mistakes when manoeuvring against enemy armoured cars or tanks, so it's best to get the first shot in an engagement or to support attacks by panicking enemy units beforehand. The 6th division boasts good artillery support and this should be used to effect as well.

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