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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Sturmpionier

Sturmpionier is a German Infantry unit.


Sturmpioniere or "assault pioneers" are special detachments of Wehrmacht infantry, equipped and trained to destroy enemy fortifications and clear the way for line infantry. Commonly deployed in the first waves of an assault, a Sturmpionier's most notable weapon is the flamethrower, used to clear out enemy trenches and bunkers in close combat.


Sturmpioniers are excellent at 100m range, given that it is a flamethrower squad, but are poor in most other areas. They are less versatile than the standard Pionier due to the lack of a machine gun, and thus have poor HE outside of the 100m range. They are ideal for close combat in forests and towns, and should ideally only be used in these areas.

Whereas Flammenwfr. field only 2 men, Sturmpionier field 6. Consider disabling the "3x Karabiner 98K", as the weapon does only very little damage and only gives aways the units position! While unbelievable Sturmpionier will regularly loose a 1:1 at 100m against a unit with a satchel charge!

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