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Sturmgrenadier is a German Infantry unit.


Sturmgrenadiere are an 10-men squad equiped exclusively with the new StG 44, the first mass produced Assault Rifle.

The German "StG 44" and the American "M1 Carbine" are the only 200m-range weapons.

The 10x StG 44 (is treated as one weapon, i.e. you cannot shot at 10 targets at the same time but only at one target) has a lot more HE than all 300m range rifles (and even machine guns) and more range than all 100m weapons, like flamethrowers, grenades, and submachine guns. This makes them the strongest unit between 101–200 m range in the game. With 10 men their damage output is insane and they maul most (especially moving) troops in just a few seconds. You can get them in range thanks to their 4 smoke grenades, and their Panzerfaust allows them to fight even the heaviest armor at close range.

Sturmgrenadier are to be handled similarly to Stoßtrupp and SS-Stoßtrupp when fighting against Infantry that outranges them!

Historical perspective[]

2. Panzer was given a few StG 44 for field testing.

2 panzer.tgv.png