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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Spähtrupp

Spähtrupp is a German Recon unit and the German equivalent of the Allied Scouts unit. Absolutely vital in any battlegroup composition, Recon units such as spähtruppen provide essential information to the player about the enemy's whereabouts and their manoeuvres. A four-man squad, the Spähtrupp can survive some fire but it is not intended to fight prolonged engagements on its own. An interesting trend in Steel Division is that Spähtrupp / Scouts units arrive in armoured personnel carriers, jeeps or halftracks, whereas the more specialised Recce / Aufklärer units come in more potent vehicles capable of putting up a fight.


Reconnaissance is a vital branch of warfare. An army's ability to gain information beforehand can sometimes fundamentally impact the course of a battle or a war, as can be attested throughout history. Lack of information about the enemy and his whereabouts has resulted in momentuous defeats, while accurate reconnaissance has led to decisive victories by much smaller forces.

Steel Division, like the Wargame series, puts a heavy emphasis on recon units. Armoured cars, infantry recon and aerial reconnaissance all play their part in revealing the enemy's strength, whereabouts and disposition. By doing so, an effective response to the enemy player can be devised beforehand. Recon infantry is the bread-and-butter field reconnaissance, as it is the stealthiest, least expensive, most numerous and most survivable of the three recon categories.


  • Absolute staple unit, a player either has Aufklärer, Spähtrupp or both on the battlefield.
  • The Spähtrupp at 30 points is slightly more expensive than the Scouts unit (25 points), but it comes equipped with a Leichtes MG 34 capable of firing at 400m range, giving it an edge.
  • Has good enough combat capacities to engage regular enemy recon infantry and small squads like Bazooka teams, but will lose against mainline infantry such as rifles.

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