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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Sd.Kfz. 250/3

Sd.Kfz. 250/3 is a German Transport unit.


Leichter Gepanzerte Kraftswagen (Light Armored Truck) was developed by combining a Sd.Kfz. 10 chassis modified by Demag with an armored body produced by Bussing-NAG. The goal was to provide armored divisions with a multipurpose armored halftrack, capable of keeping pace with them and affording its occupants a degree of protection. The design was finalized in 1941, after two years of work, and the vehicle entered production. Over 4000 were produced before a modified version (designated as Neu, New) was introduced in 1943, with a simplified armored body and slightly reduced weight. 2000 were produced.

The 250/3 designation identifies the leichter Funkpanzerwagen, light communications armored vehicle. It was instrumental in the success of the Nazi war machine, allowing commanders to remain in contact with combat elements and issue orders in real time. The tactical and strategic advantage it provided was tremendous, particularly in the early years of the war, when most nations that fell prey to the Nazi onslaught considered radio gear to be a frivolous addition to armored vehicles.


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