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SS-Volksdeutsche is a German Infantry unit.


Volksdeutsche were ethnic Germans who lived outside the Reich, but were considered a part of the Volk, according to the Nazi ideology. Encompassing hundreds of thousands of people of varying nationalities, beliefs, and attitudes towards the Reich, Volksdeutsche could be found in Czechia, (Sudetenland), France (Alsace and Moselle), Romania, Hungary, Poland, and other countries under Nazi control or within its sphere of influence.

With the manpower shortages evident by 1944, the Reich started conscripting Volksdeutsche into the German military to act as replacements for depleted Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS units. This particular infantry unit represents Panzergrenadier regiments formed on the basis of Volksdeutsche conscripts used to patch up the Leibstandarte. Unlike their counterparts in 17. SS-Panzergrenadier who fought well, the Volksdeutsche in the 1. SS-Panzer were not particularly thrilled about fighting for a moribund regime.


The SS-Volksdeutsche are essentially Pz.Grenadier with the "Disheartened" trait, and thus are used in exactly the same way, though they are slightly weaker on the offense. Though the large squad size and heavy fire-power distinguishes this unit, it should not be used for close engagements, as it cannot use its excellent MG42s and its Disheartened trait makes it less resilient. The SS-Volksdeutsche are best used at the 300-400m range, and in conjunction with supporting or advancing armor. The Panzerfaust, an excellent tool, should not be the only anti-tank asset on the field for any Panzer division. SS-Volksdeutsche squads, like Pz.Grenadiers, are the ideal open terrain unit, out-gunning most Allied units at the 300m range. This said, a lone squad is not able to stop an enemy advance, so support, either in armor or infantry, must be close.

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