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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:SPW 234/2 Puma

SPW 234/2 Puma is a German Recon unit.


The SPW 232/4 is a German armored reconnaissance vehicle fitted with a 50mm cannon, which is also used on the Panzer III. Combined with the fact that these vehicles are typically veteran and available in phase A, they are valuable for both reconnaissance and combat. These vehicles were developed as reconnaissance vehicle used for undeveloped locations like the Eastern Front and African theater. Development was completed after the African campaign ended and they were instead deployed to the European fronts.

Panzer-Lehr and 2. Panzer both got 25 SPW 232/4 in their 1.Kompanie of their respective Panzer-Aufklarungsabteilung.

1. SS-Panzer got 16 vehicles.


With usually high veterancy, solid AP, and reconnaissance ability, this armored car gives any division a deadly edge in phase A. Though somewhat expensive, it can usually counter enemy armor with ease. Because its main gun has poor HE, it is fairly weak in most other roles.

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