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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Recce (UK)

Recce (UK) is a British Recon unit, available from Phase A onwards. Recce or recon stands for reconnaissance, a vital part of military warfare. Their main job, as indicated, is to scout surroundings and they accordingly do not have any noteworthy combat abilities. The two-man team is a stealthy unit that gathers information about enemy dispositions. They often arrive with transport units that boast firepower of varying strength, such as the Willys MMG, MMG carrier and the Humber Mk.3.

The German and American equivalent of the British Recce is the Aufklärer and Recon respectively.


Reconnaissance is one of the most important assets to a military operation, gathering information about non-friendly surroundings and enemy troop dispositions. The recon branch is divided in many subdivisions, ranging from aerial reconnaissance to reconnaissance-in-force to hit-and-run tactics.


Recce units in the game usually come with a vehicle that possesses at least some firepower, providing supporting fire or attacking enemy recon units. The Recce squad itself consists only of two men carrying close-range sten guns and cannot survive lengthy exchanges of fire. Their best way of staying alive is to stay concealed.

It goes without saying that a player should always have recon units at the front lines (and preferably beyond). You can never have too much recon. 

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