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R.Vielfachwerfer is a German Artillery unit.


Due to deficiencies in industrial capacity, Germany was forced to press captured enemy materiel and vehicles into service, from cars to tanks. The S307(f) was a SOMUA MCG prime mover converted by Major Alfred Becker into an armored half-track. The conversion was compatible with a number of weapon systems and could be tailored for a variety of purposes. The R.Vielfachwerfer was a simple, rugged 8 cm multiple launch rocket system mounted on the chassis.

10. (Werfer) Batterie of Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment 155 were equipped with R.Vielfachwerfer. This independent Battery supported Kampfgruppe Luck since the Battery was stationed near the unit.


The R.Vielfachwerfer fires captured M-8 82mm rocket ammunition acquired from the Eastern Front. The Soviet Union had great success with it's smaller caliber rockets that provided longer lasting barrages. While not as powerful as the German Sprenggranate 280mm, the R.Vielfachwerfer has the advantage of more rockets per barrage. This allow it to keep the pressure on enemy infantry but lacks the punch to stress armoured vehicles. Use it to stress enemy AT or artillery and follow up with a mechanized push for a breakthrough.

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