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PzH. Lorraine is a German Artillery unit.


A conversion of a Lorraine artillery tractor undertaken by Major Alfred Becker of Baukommando Becker between 1942 and 1944. Combining a 150mm field howitzer with the reliable design of the tractor created an effective self-propelled artillery piece.

II and III Bataillon in Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment 155 of the 21. Panzer has one Battery equipped with PzH. Lorraine(f) 150mm with the other two batteries equipped with PzH. Lorraine(f) 105mm. In 9. (SiG) Kompanie of the 21. Panzer's two Panzergrenadier Regiments has six 15 cm IG auf Lorraine.

10. Batterie of the Artillerie-Regiment 1716 from the 716. Infanterie were equipped PzH. Lorraine(f) 150mm.


What this unit lacks in range it sure makes up with damage per shot. Often stunning every soft target with one direct hit and also killing at least 50 procent HP of the soft targets. This vehicle also comes available quickly in Phase A to the 716th infantry. making it one of the few Phase A SPGs in the game and a vital Unit for stopping early game attacks or trying to break through a part of the front line with by providing support to your attack. The ammunition count is not great so I highly advice to have a supply truck near this unit at all times to avoid problems.


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