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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Pz.Jäger 35R(f)

Pz.Jäger 35R is a German Anti-tank unit.


4,7 cm PaK(t) auf Panzerkampfwagen 35R(f) is a converted Panzer 35R(f), with the turret replaced by a superstructure mounting the Czech PaK 36(t) (47mm kanon P.U.V. vz. 36 (Škoda A6)). An estimated 174 tanks were converted by Alkett between May and October 1941, to create a design matching the Panzerjager I. Although the R35 version proved to be inferior, the destroyers were issued to units in the Netherlands, France, and the Channel Islands, eventually fighting the Allies in Normandy.


The panzerjäger 35R is at it's best in phase A. it has in this phase enough penetration to deal with most armored threats. it,s effectiveness in Phase B is much lower because in this phase most opposition will have medium tanks available which will have more armor than you have penetration. you can still use the panzerjäger 35R with some success against medium tanks but this is very risky and it,s primary role from phase B onwards is that of a halftrack killer and the occasional light tank.

the Panzerjager 35R has a very high rate of fire and average pen for a Phase A vehicle. but it,s accuracy is rather low. try to get this vehicle with the most Veterancy as possible to compensate for the lack of accuracy.The role of the Pänzerjager 35R is that of a halftrack and light vehicle/tank killer. it can also be used against Medium tanks if you micro it properly. but this is not adviced. it is also able to fight infantry with it,s HE rounds. but the HE value is very low. so it effects against infantry is very limited. a very good strategy for the Panzerjäger 35R is to use them in groups with a command unit near them so that you can supress and kill enemy vehicles very easely because of the very high rate of fire from multiple Panzerjägers.

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