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Panzer I B is a German Support unit added in Back to Hell.


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The Panzer I was a stop-gap design introduced in 1934 for training tank crews. As the tank was developed while Germany still officially adhered to the Versailles Treaty, it was initially covertly developed as Kleintraktor and then Landwirtschaftlicher Schlepper. The LaS eventually became the Panzer I. Its designed borrowed from the British Carden Loyd tankette and was intended as a training platform for industry and Panzertruppen alike. As a result, it was undergunned, with just a pair of 7.92mm MG 13 machine guns in a rotating turret, and underarmored, with a steel plate 13 mm at its thickest. Despite the intention to use it as a training tank, Panzer I was deployed in direct combat, first with the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) and then during World War II (1939–1941), contributing to the early victories of Nazi Germany.

Ausfuhrung B was the second major variant of the tank, with a water-cooled Maybach NL 38 TR engine producing 100 HP, a more reliable gearbox, and upgraded suspension. 399 regular Panzer IBs were produced, with another 159 built as command tanks, 295 as turetless training variants, and 147 as a convertible chassis. The ones in service at Paris were used as training vehicles, but pressed into combat as the Nazis prepared to throw everything they had at the advancing Allies in Panzer-kompanie Paris along with captured French Tanks.


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  • Even though it says it is a Panzer, you should play it more like an armored car. Its 13 He is super strong in Killing infantry or suppressing it at least but you should run as fast as possible as soon as any unit with ap value emerges as your chances of surviving this fight are quite limited.

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