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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:PaK 43 88mm

PaK 43 88mm is a German Anti-tank unit.


Derived from the Flak 88 this barrel has a length of 6.35 m (88 mm × 71 calibers) and is mounted on a split-trail (german: Spreizlafette). The entire length is about 9.20 m and the height is just below 2m! The weapon weighs about 3650 kg!

Production of the anti-tank gun started in 1943 and around 2000 towed anti-tank guns were delivered to the Wehrmacht in total.

21. Panzer had thee companies of PaK 43 in the Panzerjäger-Abteilung 200.

716. Infanterie had a mixture of PaK 40 75mm and PaK 43 in Panzerjäger-Abteilung 716

Mode d'employ[]

In the game, the anti-tank gun boasts the biggest penetration value of all units: a staggering 22 AP making it the only weapon capable of destroying the M4A3E2 Jumbo at a distance.

The accuracy value of 7 is identical to that of the 75mm L/70 mounted on the Panther.

When fielding the weapon[]

While the high AP and the high accuracy values are impressive, the PaK 43 88mm is by no means a wonder weapon and one should not expect wonders from fielding it! It needs to be employed in concert with everything else in the armory.

  1. can quickly be pinned by artillery and airpower; and even by massed tanks firing at its position.
  2. the time between shots is 11 seconds, giving it a rather low rate of fire
  3. any weapon that does not have a target assigned by the player, will auto-assign targets and prioritize ones that are not pinned/retreating; so in case you don't want to repell the enemy, but destroy his units, you should manually assign targets.
  4. the weapon moves so slowly, that it is tough to get it into safaty from artillery fire
  5. for its cost of 130, a tank could achieve so much more

Stationing a Pak 43 in a given area will make that area a no-go zone for Allied vehicles.

It can also engage soft targets, but this is less effective and also serves to expose the Pak 43's location, making it a high-value target for artillery units and air strikes.

When enemy fields the weapon[]

  • get your artillery in range
  • consider using smoke instead of explosive, to render it useless immediately
  • consider using fighter planes for strafing runs
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