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PaK 37 47mm is a German Anti-tank unit.


The 4,7 cm KPÚV vz. 38 (Czech: kanón proti útočné vozbě vzor 38) was produced by Škoda Works from 1936 onwards, to supply the Czechoslovak Army with an effective anti-tank weapon. After the annexation of Czechoslovakia in 1939, the gun was pressed into service by the Nazis as 4.7 cm PaK (t) or PaK 38(t). Used either on a carriage or mounted on surplus Panzer I chassis (Panzerjäger I), it was a very effective dual purpose gun, superior, in fact, to most contemporary designs.

These Anti-Tank Guns were used in the 14. (PaK) Kompanie of the Grenadier-Regiment in 716. Infanterie along with other anti-tank guns these lacked towing vehicles.


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