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P-47 Thunderbolt Medium Rockets is a United States Air unit.


The P47 was the workhorse of the US Airforce from 1943 till the end of the war in Europe.

The P47 "Thunderbolt" was designed by Alexander Kartvelifrom 1939 to 1941 and produced by Republic Aviation.

They served as Air superiority fighters, escort fighters and Close Airsupport Bomber/Attacker Aircrafts.

With the implementation of the P51 as the main long range Fighter of the USAF they used more and more as Fighter bomber and they fitted perfectly in this role as they could carry a lot of different sets of bombs and Rockets and could take a lot of AA fire and still get home as their frame was one of the most stable of all WW2 fighters.

In 3rd Armored, P-47 Thunderbolt Medium Rockets come in two cards of two P-47 in Phase B while in Phase C two cards of three P-47 are available.

2nd Infantry has three cards of two P-47 in Phase C.

In Phase B, 101st Airborne is supported by three cards of two P-47s or two cards of one star P-47s

Demi-Brigade SAS is supported by one card of P-47 in Phase A while in Phase B there are one card of two P-47s or one card of a single one star P-47.


Good to pin tanks or kill open top vehicles and AT guns. It looses a lot of its killing power with stress though.Click here to add a strategy!

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