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Morris LRC is a United Kingdom Recon unit.


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A stop-gap design created in 1940 by Morris Motors Ltd., the Light Reconnaissance Car or LRC was intended to provide cavalry and infantry units with an armored car for intelligence gathering and reconnaissance. It was developed in a hurry after Great Britain lost virtually its entire inventory of vehicles on the beaches in Dunkirk: A Morris light truck was modified by adding a thin armored body, with thickness ranging from 8 to 14 mm, a single row of seats for two gunners and a driver in the center, and dual turrets mounting a Bren gun and a Boys AT rifle.

The Morris EK engine was initially set up for rear-drive, but from the Mark II onwards, the Morris had proper four-wheel drive. Over 2200 LRCs were produced, despite issues with off-road performance and reliability. By 1944, many of these were relegated to rear echelon duties or passed on to foreign units fighting under the Commonwealth command.

30 Assault Unit during the Normandy Landing were equipped with Armored Cars like Humber Mk.3 (UK), Morris LRC, and Staghound (UK).


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