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M8 Scott is a United States Support unit.


An upgraded variant of Light Tank M2 created by the U.S. Army Ordnance Department, the Stuart boasted thicker armor, improved suspension, a new gun recoil system accomodating the 37mm M5 gun (M6 in later variants), and no less than five Browning M1919A4 .30-06 machine guns. Although designated as a light tank, it was a match for German and Japanese tanks when it entered production in 1941, equal in armor and weapons to the Panzer III Ausf. G and superior to the dominant Type 95 Ha-Go. Its one drawback was the high silhouette, owing to the radial engine and the elevated crankshaft. Used in a combat role by the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union, the Stuart was relegated to scouting, screening, and support duties in 1942 due to the increasing sophistication of enemy tanks.

The M5 Stuart was introduced that year, boasting twin Cadillac V-8 engines and Hydra-Matic transmissions, a redesigned hull, and was overall quieter, cooler, and roomier. Despite its lack of firepower at that point, the M5 retained the 37 mm gun and remained in production until 1944, where it was replaced by the M24 Chaffee. A total of 22 744 M3 and M5 Stuarts were produced in dozens of variants. Surplus Stuarts would trickle into national armories after the Great War, eventually making it one of the most widely used tanks in history. The M5A1 was the most numerous variant produced, with 6 810 units.

The M8 Scott is a modified variant of the base M5 tank, featuring a 75mm howitzer in a fully-traversing, open-topped vehicle. Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 was produced between September 1942 and January 1944, with a total of 1 778 units produced that saw service through World War II and beyond, particularly in southeast Asia.

M8 Scott served in the Assault Gun Platoon with 3 M8 Scotts of the Armored Infantry Battalion and Assault Gun Troop with 8 M8 Scotts of the Cavalry Squadron. These tanks were used for direct and indirect fire support.


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