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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:M4A1(76)

M4A1(76) is a United States Tank unit. Unique to the 4th Armored, the M4A1(76) is the most powerful phase B & phase C tank unit available to the division, combining leadership and potent combat capacities in one package. It sports the same M1 Gun 76mm gun as the M18 Hellcat (though the Sherman variant has a slightly lower rate of fire), which is effective against most German medium tanks but struggles against the more well-armoured German late-game tanks.

The M4A1(76) somewhat resembles the M4A3(76) fielded by 3rd Armored, though there are some important differences.


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The ubiquitous M4 Sherman medium tank evolved from the M3 Lee medium tank pressed into service as a stop-gap model in 1941. Designed by the U.S. Army Ordnance Department, the tank built upon proven technologies developed for American tanks of the 1930s, combining them with British experiences in tank design. The result was a versatile, reliable, and cheap tank much like the Soviet T-34.

The M4 entered service in late 1942, outperforming its older sibling in every aspect, the Sherman went on to become one of the most widely produced armored fighting vehicles of World War II. It was well armored, relatively fast, and cheap to produce, becoming the backbone of Allied armored divisions across the world and a major element of the Lend-Lease program for the Soviet Union. Nearly 50 000 tanks were produced before production ended in 1945 and were used across the world.

The M4A1 sub-designation indicates a Sherman model manufactured with a fully cast upper hull, a standard Continental R975 radial engine, and a 75mm medium-velocity general-purpose gun. The M4A1(76) is the M4A1 Sherman variant armed with a 76 mm M1 gun.

M4A1(76) were in storage in Britain during the lead up to the Normandy Landing but Armored Commander did not want them due to tanker training on 75mm equipped tanks. Encounters with German Armour and Sherman losses aroused interest in the M4A1(76). 120 were shipped over to 2nd and 3rd Armored for Operation Cobra.


  • 3 cards of 1x M4A1(76) are available in phase B and 1 card of 2x M4A1(76) in phase C. This makes them relatively scarce, but you can of course always rely on the M18 Hellcat.
  • M18 Hellcats and M4A1(76)'s should be a good match, as they both fire at the same range and the rookie Hellcat is greatly helped by a durable leader unit in its vicinity.
  • The M4A1(76) is no more armoured than an average M4A1, making it vulnerable against most German tank and anti-tank units.

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