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M4(105) is a United States Support unit.


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The ubiquitous M4 Sherman medium tank evolved from the M3 Lee medium tank pressed into service as a stop-gap model in 1941. Designed by the U.S. Army Ordnance Department, the tank built upon proven technologies developed for American tanks of the 1930s, combining them with British experiences in tank design. The result was a versatile, reliable, and cheap tank much like the Soviet T-34.

The M4 entered service in late 1942, outperforming its older sibling in every aspect, the Sherman went on to become one of the most widely produced armored fighting vehicles of World War II. It was well armored, relatively fast, and cheap to produce, becoming the backbone of Allied armored divisions across the world and a major element of the Lend-Lease program for the Soviet Union. Nearly 50 000 tanks were produced before production ended in 1945 and were used across the world.

A variant rearmed with the 105mm M4 Howitzer instead of the the 75mm M3 gun for direct fire support, with marginal anti-armor capabilities.

These Sherman Tanks were used as Assault gun for Tank Battalions. Each Tank Battalions had a platoon of three Tanks in Assault Gun Platoon and a Section of one in each Medium Tank Company.


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