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M30 Cargo is a United States Support unit. Unusually sturdy for a supply vehicle, the M30 Cargo is a phase C support unit exclusively available to 4th Armored. Its armour allows it to be brought closer to the front than most supply vehicles as well as act as a durable transport unit for infantry or anti-tank guns if needed.


The M30 Cargo carrier was a variant of the M12 Gun Motor Carriage (a US self-propelled gun), which itself was derived from the M3 Lee tank. Neither vehicle was extensively produced, around hundreds being manufactured. It was exclusively used in the Normandy theatre and followed the Allied push into Germany. It was judged obsolete after the war and retired from service.


  • It has 7500 supply, which is somewhat less than the two cards of 1x phase A GMC truck carrying 10 000 supply. One card of M30 gives 4x M30 Cargo carrier, so usually players will be tempted to take at least one card of this unit.
  • Players can be more ballsy with this vehicle than with any other supply vehicle and bring it closer to the front.
  • It also acts as a decent transport unit capable of ferrying infantry and AT guns around.

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