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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:M21 MMC

M21 MMC is a United States Artillery unit.


Combining the M1 81mm mortar and the reliable M3 half-track, the M21 was produced by the White Motor Company and introduced in 1944. It served for less than a year in the terminal stages of the war, before being pulled out of production after the mortar was deemed outclassed. Only 110 were produced.

Each Armored Infantry Battalion and Armored Battalion has a Mortar Platoon of three M21 in the Headquarters Company.


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  • Although the real-life M21 MMC was deemed outclassed, in the game it's one of the most powerful and versatile artillery units. The combination of high mobility, excellent mortar range, and an M2 .50 cal machine gun allow it to counter enemy infantry attacks in phase A and defend itself against any light units that try to outflank your forces. For the 3rd Armored it's a god-send that will help keep the division competitive through Phase A and even afterwards.

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