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M20 Command is a United States Support unit. The M20 command vehicle is derived from the M8 Greyhound and constitutes the American equivalent of the British Dingo and the German SPW 232. It is armed with the powerful M2HB 50. Cal machine gun, giving the utility vehicle some form of combat capacity to engage soft targets and aircraft.


The M8 armoured car was originally intended to be a fast tank destroyer. The design was accepted in April 1942, though it had become clear by then that the 37mm gun would be inadequate in future combat engagements. Instead, the M8 took on the role of a reconnaissance vehicle, making contact with enemy troops and reporting on their dispositions and strength. For this purpose, it was outfitted with powerful radios. Its thin armour offered enough protection to withstand small arms fire and shrapnel while its gun could engage lightly armoured vehicles and infantry.

The M20 armoured utility car, also known as the M20 scout car, was a Greyhound with the turret replaced with a low, armoured open-topped superstructure and an anti-aircraft ring mount for a .50 cal. M2 heavy machine gun. The M20 was primarily used as a command vehicle and for forward reconnaissance, but many vehicles also served as armoured personnel carriers and cargo carriers.

Ten M20 were used in the Tank Destroyer Battalion, Towed. Four is in the Headquarters and Headquarters Company while two serve in the Gun companies.

30 M20 were authorized for the Tank Destroyer Battalion, Self-Propelled with three in Headquarters and Headquarters Company, eight in each Tank Destroyer Gun companies and three more in the reconnaissance company.


The M20 command vehicle is a fast and inexpensive vehicle leader unit, capable of keeping up with other vehicles and giving them veterancy. It is reasonably armoured for its cost and can survive light enemy fire. As far as offensive capacities go: its machine gun can engage infantry and act as a light anti-aircraft weapon at a respectable 800m range – this it pays for with its 50 point cost. 

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