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M10A1 Destroyer is a United States Anti-tank unit.


With the entrance of American into the Second World War, the mission of destroying massed enemy armored thrusts was given to Tank Destroyer Branch. M10 was created from the hull of the M4A2 chassis and the 3 inch gun from the M6 Heavy Tank. American's idea of the tank destroyer was the emphasize speed and gun power over armor. M10A1 was instead built on M4A3 chassis since there was a fear of inadequate for M10 production from lack of M4A2.

Tank Destroyers battalions were not organic to the various Americans divisions. 101st Airborne and 2nd Infantry had various tank destroyer battalions attached during the Normandy campaign. In real life 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion served along side the 3rd Armored which the Battalion drew it founding members.


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