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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Lw-Jäger

Lw-Jäger is a German Infantry unit.

Overview []

Lw-Jäger are excess Luftwaffe personnel converted to conventional infantry. Unlike the their volunteer counterparts in Division Meindl in the Eastern Front, Lw-Jäger in Normandy was lead not by experienced paratroopers but by officers who were not trained in large scale infantry combat. These infantry were equipped with second rate gear. Faustpatrone was the forerunner of the more famous Panzerfaust. MG 15 was originally designed to serve as defensive weapon for aircraft. MG 15 became obsolete as Aircraft weapons since 7.92 were not effective against the up armoring of aircraft during World War and were converted for infantry use.

In 3. Fallschirmjäger, Lw-Jäger represent II. FlaK-Korps and other Luftwaffe Field units that were attached to the Division.

In Festung Groß-Paris, Lw-Jäger represent trapped Luftwaffe personnel who were armed to defend Paris.

In 16. Luftwaffe, Lw-Jäger represent members of the Luftwaffe-Jägerregiment.


Due to the squads disheartened trait, these infantry units are difficult to use effectively against Allied infantry. However, on the defensive, and with proper support, the Lw. Jäger can perform valiantly.

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