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LeFH 18M is a German Artillery unit.


The backbone of divisional artillery in the Wehrmacht, the leichte Feldhaubitze 18M (light field howitzer) might have been a modified Great War weapon, but it proved powerful and reliable enough not just to act as artillery's backbone, but also wind up mounted on the Wespe and other self-propelled artillery units.

Perhaps one of the most common German howitzers ever deployed, the leFH 18M compromises between the heavier, but more expensive, units, and the light mortars. This allowed for versatility on the part of commanders and adequate support for those on the front line.

1. SS-Panzer had its first Abteilung equipped with three batteries of 6 leFH 18M.


The leFH 18M is a solid and cost-effective German artillery piece. Due its good range good firepower, it is well suited to destroy enemy defenses and offensives alike.

It should be noted, however, that this artillery is vulnerable to counter-battery, and might need to be moved between salvos. Keep in mind that supply trucks can carry artillery pieces to quickly redeploy them.

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