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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Kfz. 70

Kfz. 70 is a German Transport unit.


Main article: Krupp-Protze

Manufactured between 1934 and 1941, the Krupp L 2 H 43 and L 2 H 143 (informally called Krupp-Protze) was a 6x4 utility truck and prime mover for artillery and anti-tank guns. Although its 55 hp (60 hp from 1936 onwards) Krupp M 304 4-cylinder petrol engine was not particularly efficient, at 24 liters per 100 km, far more than the Opel Blitz, it was a reliable, powerful vehicle that saw service on all fronts of the war. Kraftfahrzeuge 70 refers to a troop carrying variant, capable of carrying ten soldiers with full combat equipment on its rear benches. Localized variants usually had different designations: Hungary designated its vehicles as 37M Krupp.


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