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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Kübel.

Kübel. is a German Transport unit.


Easily one of the most recognizable vehicles of the German military of World War II, the Volkswagen Type 82 or Kubelwagen was designed by Dr Ferdinand Porsche between 1938 and 1940. It was a lightweight utility vehicle designed for use by the Wehrmacht, with a two wheel drive (that proved to be surprisingly maneuverable in rough terrain, even compared to the all terrain Willys Jeep), independent suspension for every wheel, considerable clearance, and a smooth underbody allowing it to move through even the roughest terrain. Although Allies were dismissive of its performance, the Kubel remained in production until the end of the war, 50 435 were produced in a multitude of variants, serving the German military well until its defeat.

The Motorized panzergrenadier officers used Kubelwagen as their mounts.


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