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Königstiger (P) Knispel is a German Tank unit.


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Kurt Knispel is considered to be one of the most successful tank aces in history, with 168 kills credited to his name. Born in 1921 in Czechoslovakia, to Sudetendeutsche parents, he enlisted in 1940 and underwent training and qualification on Panzer I, II, and III tanks, before assignment to the 12. Panzer-Division in November, as loader and gunner on a Panzer IV, before being reassigned to Tigers of the schweren Panzer-Abteilung 503, where he would fight until the end of the war and achieve fame. In May 1944, he was featured in the Wehrmachtsbericht after achieving 101 destroyed enemy vehicles and eventually received the German Cross in gold for his achievements (any attempts to receive the coveted Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross were blocked). Knispel did not survive the war - he was killed on April 28, 1945, while fighting in his homeland, Czechoslovakia. A Soviet tank penetrated the armor of his Tiger II, causing the ammunition to cook off and wounding Knispel in the head. He died of his wounds in a field hospital two hours later.

Knispel remains a somewhat controversial figure, though not for his standing. By appearance, he was a rebel, wearing a goatee and modified uniform in his photographs, despite official regulations to the contrary. He is also allegedly credited with standing against mistreatment of prisoners of war and civilians, though the reliability of the sources crediting him with such daring remains in question.


The Königstiger fielded by 21. Panzer is the early Porsche (P) version, and is slightly inferior to the Henschel (H) version fielded by Panzer-Lehr. It, however, is no less a deadly foe on the battlefield. indeed, no Allied anti-tank gun is capable of frontally penetrating the Tiger II at long to intermediate ranges, giving it an unparallelled advantage. It sports an accurate gun and no Allied tank is capable of withstanding hits from it, though the Sherman Jumbo could survive a few shots. The Königstiger is manned by experienced crews and is a veteran unit, further adding to its potential. It is fielded in phase C for the hefty sum of 350 points, but in exchange, the player receives the most powerful tank in the game, especially if backed-up with anti-air (to reduce suppression) and a commander unit to max out its veterancy.

One thing, however, must be stressed. The Tiger II is NOT invincible. it is NOT a I-WIN BUTTON. The player should NOT expect it to drive through enemy lines and waltz through everything. Frontal unsupported charges against enemy lines can, should and will result in a burning wreckage and a waste of already scarce German resources. While it cannot be reliably penetrated from the front, it can still be panicked by enemy aircraft or repeated anti-tank gun fire. Its sides are also extremely vulnerable against flanking fire from concealed anti-tank guns and enemy aircraft present a real threat. The bocage allows enemy units to close in and fire at it at close ranges.

However, when the tank is used in concert with other units, maintains its distance so that the front is turned towards the enemy at all time, there are few units capable of putting up a fight against the Tiger II.


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