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Ju 188 Heavy Bomber is a German Air unit in Second Wave.


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A high-performance, twin-engined medium bomber designed by Junkers to succeed the Ju 88 multi-purpose bomber, as part of the Bomber B competition. Introudced in 1943, the 188 offered improved performance and payload capacity, but despite the advantages, it fell victim to the shifting tides of the war. With the German industry plagued by British bombing raids, production shifted to fighters, with new bomber designs like the 188 abandoned in their favor and leaving the Luftwaffe with last-generation designs.

Only a little over 1 200 air frames were produced.


According to the file GameData/Gameplay/Gfx/Generated/Ammunition.ndf each one of the 1000kg bombs "Ammo_Bombe_SC_1000kg_x2" has the following features:

   PhysicalDamages                   = 15.0
   RadiusSplashPhysicalDamages       = 109.2m
   SuppressDamages                   = 1785.0
   RadiusSplashSuppressDamages       = 238.4m
   RayonPinned                       = 60m

Even though damage of 15.0 done by the 1000kg bombs seems terrifying, the true tactical value of this very expensive weapon would not be overrated! For example, a zero star unit will usually fail to completely destroy a crewed weapon, simply because both bombs will be that far off target!

A direct hit on the other side, will seriously damage infantry inside a bunker! A direct hit will also instakill any open top tank, as tanks have maximum 12 HP.

Their speed of 450km/h enables even the slowest dogfighters to catch up with them, and they also stay longer withing range of enemy AA guns!

Own AA guns or fighters should repel enemy fighters before they destroy these bombers!

The Ju 88 S Heavy Bomber (500kg) does "only" 9.0 damage per bomb but it costs 40 points less and flies at 600km/h!

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