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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Jeep .50 (US)

Jeep .50 is a United States Support unit. It is an American jeep outfitted with the infamous Browning .50 Cal machine gun, providing cheap & useful long-range fire support against soft targets in phase A.


The Willys jeep was an iconic American vehicle of the Second World War, and as an multi-purpose utility vehicle it proved to be tremendously adaptable. Its use could range from acting as an ambulance, weapons platform, staff car, troop transport to even a radar station. The name 'jeep' has unclear etymological origins, but its functional design and impact has influenced the development of tactical and all-terrain vehicles over the entire world.


The jeep .50 is a good phase A fire support vehicle, especially since it fires at 800m range. This can be crucial in infantry engagements, where supporting fire often allows weaker infantry to overcome more powerful infantry. the .50 Cal MG is also capable of firing at enemy aircraft, giving the player some form of light and cheap AA early in the game. In addition, the Jeep is quite fast and will often be among the first units to open fire in the opening stages of the conflict.

The main weakness of the Jeep .50 is its complete lack of armour of any kind. It can die to machine gun fire, small arms fire and even strafing fire from enemy fighter aircraft.

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