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Ita. Freiwillige is a German Infantry unit. The Italisches Freiwillige can be considered as the elite infantry of the 716. Infanterie, being the only infantry unit besides the Gren. Führer and the Pion. Führer to boast any experience. They are the only divisional troops equipped with man-portable anti-tank weaponry (save for the two-man Panzerschreck squad and the recon fusilier squad), making them valuable phase B and phase C units to commit in battle.


As part of its core force, the 716. Infanterie-Division included a number of former Italian Bersaglieri who volunteered for service in Heer units, continuing their service to the Axis under the swastika. Indeed, the German static division employed a large number of foreign troops ("volunteers", though the Bersaglieri actually did willingly fight under the German banner) as well as conscripts deemed unfit for service.


See Pz.Grenadier. In the game files this unit is denoted as Descriptor_Unit_Grenadier_Bersaglieri is in fact an italian speaking Grenadier-unit.

The Ital. Freiwillige are great for bolstering defences, adding vital AT firepower and combat prowess to the usual composition of Osttruppen, leader units and MG34s. The Freiwillige are one of the few infantry units to possess one-star and two-star veterancy, as most of the division is composed of conscripts and more or less unwilling foreign soldiers. The Italian troops are thus the most powerful soldiers available in the division, and they should be put to good use.

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