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Grenadier* is a German Infantry unit.


Grenadier represent the standard German Infantrymen. Unlike their Allied counterparts who are equipped with a Bren or BAR along with their service rifles a German Infantry Squad is equipped with a MG 42 along with service rifles. This squad is not issued a Panzerfaust 60 because of logistical reasons.

352. Infanterie had three Grenadier Regiments (915, 916, and 917) with two rifle battalions.

716. Infanterie had two Grenadier Regiments (726 and 736) with three battalions. First and third battalion of the Grenadier-Regiment 726 was detached to the 352. Infanterie.

91. Luftlande had two Grenadier Regiments (1057 and 1058) with three battalions.


Please consult Pz.Grenadier!

In contrast to Pz.Grenadier and Pz.Grenadier*, Grenadier* and Grenadier units have only one MG42. This weapon can fire at targets between 101m and 400m away and it can shoot only while stationary.

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