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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Fs-Pz.Abwehr

Fs-Pz.Abwehr is a German Recon unit.



Consult Pz.Schreck. Whereas Pz.Schreck, Fs-Pz.Schreck and Lw-Panzerschreck consist of only 2 men, Fs-Pz.Abwehr fields 4. With double the health points and double the HE damage at 100m range and less this fireteam can hold its gound better. Rather then being shot at from more then 100m without the possibility to shoot back, consider going in close.

Also keep in mind, that the impressive double MG42 of Pz.Grenadier* and Pz.Grenadier can only shoot between 101m and 400m! At 100m and less, it doesn't shoot at all!

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