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Flakvierling is a German Anti-air unit.


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The Flakvierling was a variation of the FlaK 38, answering the question "what would happen if you put not one but four 20mm autocannons on one mount?" It was introduced in 1940 in an effort to prolong the lifespan of the base FlaK 38, which was proving to be inadequate against the latest aircraft designs of the Allies. Four guns allowed for a greatly increased rate of fire and volume of shells thrown into the air, although the weapons lacked modern reloading systems. With only 20 rounds per magazine, this high firepower could not be sustained in combat conditions. Regardless, the Flakvierling remained in use and production until the end of the war, mounted on a variety of platforms, including the Panzer IV.


The Flakvierling is an effective AA gun, but its small magazine means that it is less effective than its HE would suggest, being unable to sustain continuous fire. In numbers, it is a very effective AA gun, and can also function as a capable anti-infantry weapon, though other equipment such as the IG 18 are generally just as effective at a lower cost.

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