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Füsilier is a German Recon unit.


In late 1943, Wehrmacht replaced the Reconnaissance Battalions in Infantry Division with a Fusilier Battalion. This Battalion was in paper designed to serve a semi mobile divisional reserve mounted on bicycles and trucks. Fusilier Battalion is organized similar to the Infantry Battalion of that time.

The Fusilier as a unit represents the most resilient German recon squad. With long range weaponry and a high number of men, this unit is indispensable when bolstering disheartened front-line infantry.

352. Infanterie had 352. Fusilier Battalion which was detached before the Normandy Landing to serve in the Kampfgruppe Meyer the LXXXIV Armeekorps reserve.

91. Luftlande had a company of troops mounted on bicycles serving as Fusiliers.

716. Infanterie did not have a Fusilier Battalion during the Normandy Landings. Divisions-Füsilier-Bataillon 716 was created November 1944 in Alsace. Instead of the Heavy Company in each Grenadier Battalion each battalion had a Cyclist company.


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