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DUKW Supply is a United States Support unit. It is the US 2nd Infantry's division only supply unit, and it does what it says on the tin can: supplying ammunition to nearby units that need it. Interestingly enough, despite being an amphibious truck, the DUKW Supply is not capable of crossing rivers in the game. Aside from supplying troops, the truck can also transport infantry and anti-tank guns.


The DUKW was designed by GMC (the same company that also manufactured massive quantities of GMC supply trucks in the war) and was in essence a heavily modified GMC CCKW truck. Its purpose was to transport goods and troops over land and water as well as serve as a landing vehicle in amphibious attacks.

"The DUKW was initially rejected by the armed services. When a United States Coast Guard patrol craft ran aground on a sandbar near Provincetown, Massachusetts, an experimental DUKW happened to be in the area for a demonstration. Winds up to 60 knots, rain, and heavy surf prevented conventional craft from rescuing the seven stranded Coast Guardsmen, but the DUKW had no trouble, and the military opposition melted. The DUKW would later prove its seaworthiness by crossing the English Channel."

(ww2 database)

the transport and supply vehicle saw service in the Mediterranean, Pacific, on the D-Day beaches of Normandy, Operation Husky, and during Operation Plunder. Numbers of the DUKW remained in use after the Second World War and even now the DUKW is still used primarily as a tourist transport in a few US harbours and river cities.

Multiple Amphibious Truck companies and Battalions served in the Normandy Landings. These vehicle allowed supplies to be transfer from ship off shore to supply depots on landing without docking the ship at a port.


The supply truck is a straightforward-to-use unit, replenishing units that have run out of ammunition when the truck is placed nearby. It is most often used in divisions that place a heavy emphasis on artillery and/or air, as those units are usually the first to deplete their ammo and are rather supply-hungry. It must be noted that supply trucks CANNOT replenish infantry squads as in restoring their squad size, nor can they provide repairs on vehicles (unless enabled by mods).

Supply trucks can also be used to ferry infantry and tow anti-tank guns, much like armoured personnel carriers can. When a truck is not in close proximity of friendly units and runs into an enemy unit, that truck will be captured by the enemy and be lost to the player (unless he manages to kill the enemy unit(s) and recapture the supply truck).

Note that the DUKW Supply is NOT armoured despite its bulky appearance. It will die if sneezed at and is rather vulnerable to artillery and enemy air.

DUKW Supply carries 15000 supplies over the GMC Supply (US)'s 10000 supplies. DUKW Supply has the capability to be amphibious.

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