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D.520 Dogfighter is a German Air unit added in Back to Hell.


The Dewoitine D520 is generally considered to be the best French fighter created before the Fall of France in 1940. Introduced into service in January 1940, it was a modern, well-armed fighter with a number of features that put it ahead of competing designs, like the Spitfire or the Bf 109, including high capacity fuel tanks (giving it much greater range and endurance) and numerous service ports allowing the entire fighter to be rearmed and repaired much faster than other designs. Although its Hispano-Suiza engine was somewhat underpowered, the D.520's excellent design gave it excellent maneuverability, superior even to the Bf 109, allowing it to bring its 20 mm HS.404 autocannon and four belt-fed MAC 1934 M39 7.5 mm machine guns to bear. Unfortunately, it was not available in large enough numbers to affect the course of Fall Gelb or Fall Rot.

Many were captured by the occupation forces and used as home defense squadrons. About sixty were assigned to provide Nazi assets with fighter cover in the anticipated battle for Paris.


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