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CMD Churchill VII is a British Tank unit. It is a Churchill variant cladded in armour available from phase B onwards. As a leader unit, the CMD Churchill VII provides powerful veterancy bonuses to nearby units while being able to take blows from a range of German units. Its firepower is similar to that of a Sherman tank or a Churchill tank.


The ultimate incarnation of the infantry tank concept, the first version of the tank was designed with the expectation that fighting in Europe would be similar to the trench warfare of World War I. The A20, as it was designated, was quickly retired after the Dunkirk Evacuation, with the new specifications for an A22 infantry tank given to Vauxhall in June 1940. Fearing a Nazi invasion, the War Office specified that the design enter production within a year. And it did: The first Churchills rolled off the production line in July 1941.

The rapid pace of development resulted in many flaws and shortcomings, primarily caused by an underpowered engine and a weak 2-pounder gun mounted in the turret, somewhat compensated by a 3-inch howitzer mounted in the hull. Further iterations on the design eliminated many of them, with the Churchill Mk III finally proving itself in combat at the second Battle of El Alamein in October 1942. Subsequent versions became the basis for several specialized variants and an indispensable part of Allied combat units, as they combined protection with maneuverability: The Churchill wasn't fast, but its suspension and all-around tracks allowed it to climb slopes other tanks could not.

The VII was a redesigned, upgraded version of the Churchill. Mounting the standard QF 75mm tank gun, the VII had much thicker armor than the preceding model, comparable to that of a Tiger, allowing it to survive where other Allied tanks would falter. The ability to convert the tank into the Crocodile without special facilities was one of its major features. 1,600 were produced. Churchill VII were given to squadron commander or some troop commanders since the Crocodile Units demanded Churchill VII to be used as Crocodiles. The Flame Tank Squadron could be lead by a Churchill VII


The CMD Churchill is one of the most heavily armoured tanks fielded by the 15th infantry, on par with the Churchill AVRE or the Crocodile. As veterancy greatly improves unit performance, the Churchill leader unit is a powerful asset when supported by other Allied units. It is quite survivable compared to most Allied tanks and can take hits from marders or panzer IVs head-on. In phase B, its armour allows it to survive engagements while simultaneously boosting nearby units’ performances, where more vulnerable leader units like the dingo start to become too vulnerable.

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