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For the Steel Division II unit see SD2:Brummbär

Brummbär is a German Support unit. It combined the Panzer IV chassis with a well armoured superstructure and a powerful StuH 43/1 L/12 gun capable of blasting infantry and fortifications. With a very respectable 14 frontal armour and a devastating HE gun, the Brummbär serves as the primary late-game sturdy support tank in 21. Panzer.


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The workhorse of the Nazi war machine, Panzer IV started its long service in 1936 as a fire support tank, equipped with a short-barreled 7.5 cm KwK 37 L/24 howitzer. In this role, Panzer IV would focus on taking out enemy fortifications, anti-tank emplacements, and infantry from a long range, protecting the lighter, faster Panzer III tanks focusing on taking out enemy armor. However, following Fall Barbarossa and the shock of fighting against superior Soviet tanks, it quickly displaced Panzer III as the primary battle tank. Krupp's design was larger, sturdier, and could readily accept significant armor upgrades and long-barreled guns capable of defeating Soviet armor. The Panzer IV chassis was used as the base for many other fighting vehicles. 8,553 Panzer IVs of all versions were built during World War II, a production run in Axis forces only exceeded by the StuG III assault gun with 10,086 vehicles. A significant number of these tanks was also transferred to Axis allies and continued to used in various militaries worldwide after the War ended.

Entering service in 1943, Sturmpanzer was an assault tank designed by Alkett at Hitler's behest. Combining a 15 cm Sturmhaubitze 43 L/12 in a thickly armored casemate with the versatile Panzer IV chassis, the Stupa was used against fortifications and soft targets, delivering devastating strikes. The heavy gun and armor resulted in an overloaded chassis, making it prone to breakdowns, leading to a modification in the form of a lighter StuH 43/1 L/12 replacing the original gun. Though only built in small numbers (around 300 were produced), Stupas served reliably until the end of the war.

Brummbär was a reporting name used by Allied intelligence services. Germans did not use it, preferring to call it Stupa - a contraction of Sturmpanzer. The first name was originally used in the game on release, before being corrected in subsequent patches.


As phase B rolls in, the weakly armoured Panzer IV C will soon become obsolete in the face of powerful Allied AT. The Brummbär is a powerful support tank that will have no problem filling in this spot. It is the most well armoured 21. Panzer unit save for the infamous Königstiger and it can take hits from most Allied tanks and anti-tank guns with relative impunity. Indeed, the Brummbär can take the lead in an armoured push with Panzer IV's at the back, soaking up hits from anti-tank guns and returning fire. Only the 17-pdr and its mounted variants really pose a threat against the front of this monstrosity.

Its gun fires incredibly potent 25 HE shells at 1000m range and can take out most infantry groups with one or two shots (depending on their cover). Its closest rival, the AVRE, fires even more powerful 30 HE shells but sacrifices 400m range, some rate of fire and 1 accuracy for this. Of course, HE power will do little good against enemy armour and the Brummbär should be supported by tank & anti-tank units to deal with them.

Its frontal armour, while impressive, comes at a cost. The biggest disadvantage of the Brummbär is that it is turretless and therefore needs to rotate its body in order to fire. This risks exposing its weak sides to anti-tank fire. The player must be careful not to overextend his forces and allow the enemy to flank the Brummbär.

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